viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009


Yep, yep. I feel lonely, most of the time, I mean. I wonder if it is normal... I'm still in my depressive age, so I have the right to find troubles where there are not. Let's see... Maybe it's because I AM lonely right now, all alone. I always thought that living alone would be easier somehow, it's funny, but it's not easy. Sometimes, you just have a dead time, those in which you have nothing to see or to do in order to keep your mind busy, and it happens: you realize that something deep inside you ask for another one. I'm in love and everything is ok with him (yes, HIM), but when I need him the most, he dissapears, and I can't blame him, he can't be the whole freackin' day with me, he has a life as well.... ARU >:>
Anyways... I have lived alone since I moved to live with my mother. She is never at home, because she has to work in order for me to study D:, so I'm like this. Alone... alone..... alone.
I feel lonely ;^; That's it.

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Freackin' Headache

I'm starting to get used to this lovely headache. I know that it has been with me since the 7th grade, but sometimes it becomes unbearable. My mother doesn't help me with it. She is just.. so... she.
I don't want to go to classes anymore. To any of them. Because I'm tired of everything. Nothing seems to be good, nothing. "It's complicated" would Facebook say about it. I think it's easier than we thought, but I'm tired, I know I can accomplish anything I want to, but this time it's not me the one who must change in order to accomplish anything. I wonder if buying kinos will help...
I want to live alone, all by myself, and I will, eventually, maybe I should escape from here, today, tonight... But what for? ;^;
My head is killing me, so I'll go to sleep asap. Maybe I won't wake up tomorrow, and I will be able to rest, for once.

sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009


Hace mil años que no escribo :(
Aprovecho porque robo wi-fi. Ando feliz de la vida, un tanto ajetreado y buscando pega antes de que me quiten la beca. Las clases son cada día más fomes y mi bebé pelea conmigo constantemente, pero ni modo, se supone que eso hace que la relación sea más fuerte. Espero que Mizu se sienta mejor por lo sucedido y que sea feliz, más feliz de lo que ya es; que Zoe no pelee tanto con su novio y que le vaya bien en el trabajo, ojala puedo cambiarse a otro de una buena vez... ¡Deje de faltar a clases! Eladio, sé más paciente y aprende a ser un poco menos egoísta, que así se te verás más lindo y cute que nunca *-*; que Ingrid no muera de cansancio y que logre pasar de curso xD; Tony, también se te echa de menos u.u Ojalá podamos conversar de nuevo, pronto.
Como sea... tengo mucho que contar y poco tiempo. No sé si el wi-fi dure xD. Te amo!